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COVID-19 Update

We will be most successful when all parties involved follow the CDC guidelines and we are asking both our staff and clients to take to keep everyone as safe and healthy as we can. 


As a preliminary matter, if you: 

  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 within fourteen (14) days before your appointment; 

  • Have reason to believe that you have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive 14 days before your appointment; or

  • Feel sick or under the weather; please cancel your appointment and do not visit the spa. 


Measures that Our Clients Must Take: 

  • At this point in time, our waiting room is closed. No food or beverages will be available to you upon your visit. 

  • Please also do not bring any visitors or children with you to your appointment, as they will not be allowed to remain in the waiting area or in the treatment room during your service(s).

  • We request that you make your appointment either online or by phone. However, we value the need for walk-in service availability as well. If you would like to check our same-day availability, please call before entering the spa. 

  • When you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to provide a phone number that we can contact you at the time of your appointment to let you know when you may enter the spa. 

  • If you have scheduled an appointment with us, please remain outside of the spa and wait for us to call you inside. 

  • All clients must wear a face mask at all times, and will be required to sanitize their hands once inside by either washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. You will be provided with a mask in the event that you do not arrive with one. Please remember, however, that even our supply of protective gear is limited and we appreciate your efforts to bring your own. 


Measures that the Staff Must Take: 

  • All staff members will wear a mask and disposable gloves for services performed. Staff members will exchange their pair of disposable gloves for a new pair between every appointment. 

  • In the event that a staff member is not wearing a mask, there will be a protective Plexiglas shield between the staff member and the client. Clients will still be asked to wear a mask as a precaution. 

  • Staff members performing waxing services will wear a mask, face shield, and disposable gloves.

  • Staff members will sanitize their treatment rooms between every client.

  • Any other measures we determine to be required or recommended as we continue to learn more about this virus. We will continue to follow or exceed the CDC guidelines to the best of our ability during this time. 


We thank you for understanding the measures that we all must take. While we know that things will not be exactly the same as they once were, we are excited to be able to provide you with services. Please do not hesitate to call (603-277-9075) or email ( us with any questions you may have. 


We hope to see you soon! 



The EFBS Staff 

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