Congratulations on your big day! Whether you're the bride, groom, mother of the bride or groom, or part of the wedding party, we have a customized plan that will fit your perfectly. As one of the most important days of your life, we know that you want to look the best as well as feel the best that you can, and at European Face and Body Studio, we take pride in the work that we do, and make sure that you look your absolute best for you big day. We have many different packages, and each package is customizable. We want this day to be perfect for you, too. You can either come to the Spa, or we can come to you. We accomodate bridal parties, as well. Call us to set up a consultation with our wedding team today.

Our Day of Bridal Makeup fee is $150.00 per hour including travel time.


As the bride, you are the focal point of the wedding. You have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and you want to look glowing, beautiful and stunning on your big day. We have two beautiful bridal packages created to help you look like everything you ever dreamed of, walking down the aisle. Please call for pricing.

Premium Bridal Package

Deluxe Bridal Package

Prior to the wedding

  50 minute Customized Facial 

 50 minute Ultimate Relaxation Massage





Prior to the wedding

50 minute Advanced facial

50 minute Ultimate Relaxation Massage

Shellac manicure





Emily, August 2015, makeup artistry by Annemarie and Cassie

Lauren, October 2018, makeup artistry by Cassie

Tori, September 2018, makeup artistry by Cassie


This is just as big of a day for you as it is for your beautiful new bride. You deserve to look your best, and be as relaxed as possible. We have a peaceful and relaxing package prepared for to you smooth out the nerves, and leave you glowing, too, for your big day as well as the honeymoon.

3-5 days prior

     Men's Facial


Day of

     50 minute Ultimate Relaxation Massage

Mother of the Bride or Groom

You've been waiting for this moment for years. Your son or daughter is celebrating their love with their significant other, and you want to look your very best. We offer a variety of special packages for you to choose from to help you look your absolute best for you child's big day.


Prior to the wedding

50 minute Customized Corrective Facial

 1 hour make up consultation and application






60 Days Prior to the wedding

     SeaCreation facial treatment - our signature facial, specifically designed for

     anti-aging and correction.






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